Simple. Fast. Affordable. Reliable.

Boookable was created to facilitate and democratize access to production materials. We want to bring practical solutions to new digital creators.


Whether you are a professional or an amateur, whether 4:2:2:10 bits has no secret for you or whether it evokes nothing more than a succession of even numbers :), you will find the equipment and advice you need for your project.

We limit the number of our references for two reasons:

(1 ) We cannot yet afford to own the equipment fleet of our dreams :) and ;

(2) We want to simplify the choice of equipment - We realized that too much choice could be counterproductive for our customers. We strive to select the equipment that can turn most of the services.



Last minute shooting ? Our team delivers within the day.


A price for all the purses.

We want to democratize the access to the audiovisual equipment. Our prices are "reasonable". They must allow a maximum of creators to have access to the material while allowing us to finance our company by maintaining a material park of excellent quality.


Our equipment is reliable.

We meticulously maintain our equipment, so that it remains in perfect condition, always working like new.