Simple. Fast. Affordable. Reliable.

Boookable was created to facilitate and democratize access to production materials. We want to bring practical solutions to new digital creators.  


Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, whether 4:2:2:10 bits is a secret to you or whether it means nothing more to you than a succession of even numbers :), you will find the material and advice you need for your project.
We limit the number of our references for two reasons:
(1) we can't afford to have the equipment of our dreams yet :) and ;
(2) we want to simplify the choice of equipment - we realized that too much choice could be counterproductive for our customers. We strive to select the equipment that will allow us to perform most of our services.


Last minute shooting ? Our own team delivers within the day.


A price for all pockets.
We want to democratize access to audiovisual equipment. Our prices are "reasonable". They must allow a maximum of creators to have access to the equipment while allowing us to finance our company by maintaining an equipment park of excellent quality.


Our equipment is reliable.
We meticulously maintain our equipment, so that it remains in perfect condition, always working like new.