Profoto B10 Duo kit

The ideal duo pack for photographers.

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  • The Profoto B10 is a powerful lighting tool with an intuitive interface. The B10 offers up to 5 times more power than a traditional flash while remaining compact. It is Profoto's smallest light in its class, with enough versatility to keep up with photographers and videographers.
  • Enjoy a 150W equivalent continuous lighting option with variable intensity and color temperature. This is an ideal feature for blending in with the ambient light, making the B10 the perfect tool for photographers who also shoot video. The battery will power the LED for up to 75 minutes.
  • Set up and control the B10 from the comfort of your phone. With the B10's built-in Bluetooth, you can make the most of your shooting experience when paired with the Profoto app. Touch and drag your finger to get perfect lighting for up to 3 separate B10 units and preview your results. The B10 can be triggered wirelessly with the app, a Profoto Air remote control (not included) or with a Profoto A1 series flash. These triggering options support TTL and High Speed Sync with shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 second.
  • Maximum power: 250 W/s
  • Flash duration : 1/400 max - 1/50 000 min
  • Recycling time at 100%: 0.05-2.2 seconds
  • Power range: approximately 0.5 W/s to 250 W/s in 1/10 stop increments
  • Sync speed: up to 1/8000, depending on your camera's X-Sync limitations
  • 150W LED (3000K-6500K with temperature drift +-500K, CRI 90-96)
  • Operating voltage: 14.4 V DC (with battery included only)
  • Channel/group options: up to 20 channels, up to 6 groups in manual mode (3 in TTL)
  • Built-in receiver for Profoto Air (1000' range, 330' TTL/HSS, remote control not included), optical (warning: no 3.5mm sync port)
  • Integrated Bluetooth for Profoto application (100' range)
  • Dimensions: 6.9" long x 3.9" diameter
  • Weight : 1,5kg
  • AirTTL B10 250W/s Flash with 150W LED x2
  • B10 Battery x2
  • Charger x2
  • Carrying bag

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